Pottery Pieces

Moorcroft Pieces

Moorcroft have always, and still do produce a great number of pieces, such as vases, ginger jars, jugs, bowls, biscuit barrels, jardinieres, candlesticks, lamps, plates, clocks, table wares, tobacco jars, butter dishes, scent bottles, dressing table sets, commemorative wares, limited editions and so on.   The list is endless.

All of their products come in all shapes and sizes and over the years have been produced in all of the patterns available at the time.   One could never tire as the pieces and patterns seem endless.   Avid collectors and casual buyers alike cannot but be delighted with the choice they are faced with when they come to purchase such beautiful items

  Moorcroft Bowls                 

  Moorcroft Candlesticks                      


 Moorcroft Chargers                         

  Moorcroft Clocks             


Moorcroft Ginger Jars
          Ginger Jars

Moorcroft Jugs

Moorcroft Lamps

Moorcroft Plates                              

Moorcroft Vases